Call for papers: Images of Illegalized Immigration

University of Basel, 31.8.-1.9.2009

This conference invites scholars to discuss images of illegalized immigration. How do images shape the way we perceive illegalized immigration? Who creates these images? Under which conditions? And where do they circulate? How do they relate to legal and political discourses?

The number of displaced persons is increasing, resulting in various forms of social conflict. In what kind of images are these conflicts presented? How do political and theoretical frameworks as well as social movements transform these images? How can we draw distinctions and find new perspectives amidst these pluralities of images? And how are persons “de-legalized” through the use of images?

The goal of this conference is to deal more critically with visual ‘evidence’ of illegalized immigration.

We are very delighted to have W.J.T. Mitchell (University of Chicago) give our keynote address. In 1994, W.J.T. Mitchell coined the persuasive term pictorial turn. He is known especially for his work on the relations of visual and verbal representations in the context of social and political issues.

The conference is open to researchers at all levels. We welcome submissions from various disciplines, time periods, and geographic focus.
Abstracts of no more than 500 words (inclusive title), for 20 minutes presentations, along with the applicant’s C.V., should be submitted to all three conference organisers by 1 February 2009.
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Francesca Falk:
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