Call for papers: Transnationalism and beyond: Travelling Terms in Literary and Critical Discourse

The Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis (Carleton University), in association with the Canadian Comparative Literature Association and the Association des professeur-e-s de français des universités et collèges canadiens

Carleton University, 23-24-25 May 2009

Transnationalism, transculturation, diaspora, migrancy, postcoloniality, ethnicity, mestizaje, multiculturalism, creolization, these are only some of the rubrics that literary critics employ as a corrective to the national paradigm of literary study and to call into question singular cultural, national and linguistic allegiances. Such terms are variously evoked in discussions of immigration, mobility, temporary and permanent forms of displacement, and other forms of cultural and geographic flow. Indeed, closely related phenomena connected to globalization are being analysed through divergent theoretical frameworks and the vocabularies that attend these frameworks. This panel will explore the root causes of these divergences in terminology. More specifically, we will ask:

* Do these terminological divergences point to different methods of literary analysis that offer distinct advantages or disadvantages?

* How much overlap or mutual influence exists among these models? Should there be more dialogue between them?

* To what extent do these critical vocabularies reflect divergences among disciplinary traditions or among national, linguistic and regional traditions of literary practice and study?

* Are there tensions created by the movement across fields and disciplines of vocabularies that have specific, local origins?

* What do these terms tell us about particular historical, geopolitical and ideological considerations and their impact on critical discourse?

We invite proposals for papers that will engage with some of the above questions in relation to a range of literary traditions. Please forward your proposals (300 to 400 words) to one of the following organizers by January 15, 2009:

Sarah Casteel;Pascal Gin;Catherine Khordoc


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