Call for papers: Adaptation

Annual Cambridge French Graduate Conference
University of Cambridge (UK) – 3rd-4th April 2009

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Dr Sophie Marnette (Oxford), Dr Laurence Grove (Glasgow), Dr Miranda Gill

Adaptation is a key notion in the history of French and Francophone culture and language. It is central to the construction and contestation of identity, and the survival, endurance – but also the disappearance – of linguistic and cultural forms. It is a running thread through the varied eras of French and Francophone history, functioning throughout as the means through which individuals or cultures relate to, deal with or often resist more dominant or opposing forms. This conference will therefore consider the process of adaptation both as cultural practice and in its more Darwinian conception, and will look for contributions from all areas of French and Francophone studies. Topics might include, though are not limited to: transculturation, acculturation, multiculturalism, and their reflection on theory and the arts; ‘migrant’ texts and their interpretation or translation; the evolution of the French language, its cultural uses and practices, encompassing aspects such as the language of literature, visual media, and popular music; the status of visual culture, in particular cinema, internationally; the practices of French-language literature in translation, and translation into French; approaches to film subtitling and international marketing; practices of the body in visual and performing arts; the movement of texts, narratives and images across different arts; issues of hierarchy in the arts and cultural shifts.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted in English or in French, along with your name, email address, and university affiliation.
You should also indicate on your proposal any audiovisual requirements you may have.

Please email as Word or PDF attachment to:
(conference organizers: Neil Archer and Andreea Weisl-Shaw).

Deadline for submission: Friday 17 January 2009


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