Call for publications: Special Issue of American Literary Realism: “Realism and Periodicals.”

Submissions are invited on the topic “Realism and Periodicals,” for
inclusion in an upcoming special issue of the journal American Literary
Realism. In recent years the scholarly community has paid an increasing
amount of attention to the ways in which newspapers, magazines, story
papers, and other serial publications not only have functioned as
remunerative outlets for authors’ literary work and effective disseminators
of literary texts but have also played a major role in the careers of many
authors, helped influence the development of certain genres, served as
important sites of reader-text interactions, and performed important
cultural work. This special issue is intended to showcase the latest
scholarship in periodical studies as it relates to American literary
realism from approximately 1860 to 1940. Submissions using a wide range of
approaches are welcomed, as are those on lesser-investigated authors,
editors, texts, and periodicals. Two copies of essays of no more than 25
double-spaced pages (including documentation following Chicago Manual of
Style) should be sent by 15 April 2009 to:

Inquiries: Charles Johanningsmeier
English Department
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha, NE 68182-0175


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